OnePlus 6T: that's how to change the unlock animation of the screen

With the McLaren edition of OnePlus 6T, the manufacturer offers an original animation on the screen for unlocking by fingerprint reader. An animation that can be configured on all OnePlus 6T, even classic models.

In mid-December, one month after the release of the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus announced a special edition in partnership with McLaren. On the program, a faster charge, more RAM, a new color, but also a slight new software.
As on the OnePlus 6T classic, OnePlus has indeed integrated an animation for the unlocking of the screen. However, that of the McLaren edition is slightly different, with orange and blue tents and a movement reminiscent of a paint explosion. While this animation was meant to be exclusive to the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, the XDA Developers site found how to integrate it on any OnePlus 6T.

On the forum of the site, the user Lartsch explains that it is possible to modify the animation without even having to root the smartphone. To do this, simply install the Setting Database Editor application on its OnePlus 6T, open it then check that "System table" is selected, go down to find the line of code "op_custom_unlock_animation_style", press above to select "Edit value" then enter the number 3 and confirm. From then on, you will see another animation each time you unlock your OnePlus 6T using the fingerprint reader on the screen.
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