OnePlus puts you to the test: create the new features of OxygenOS as part of the #PMChallenge

The Chinese company OnePlus continues to work closely with its community. This time, she offered to create new features dedicated to OxygenOS, which could be selected and implemented to mobile devices of the brand.

OnePlus and his community, a long love story. In January 2019 already, the Chinese firm gave the opportunity to its users to suggest new features and system improvements for the year 2019. This time, the group pushes the concept a little further and calls on its fan basis for designing the next features of the OxygenOS operating system, in the form of a #PMChallenge.
OnePlus mobile device offered to winners
To do this, interested parties must submit their work in the Tech section of the OnePlus forum before February 22, 2019, and must above all comply with strict guidelines detailed in an official post. First, each user must ask themselves the following four questions:
Who are the intended users?
What is the proposed function?
What is the added value for the user?
If there is comparable functionality in the mobile industry, how is yours better?
The company of the Middle Kingdom continues the explanation of its competition by detailing instructions to be respected to the letter:
Explain the logic behind this product and how do you want it to be implemented.
Include indications and details via diagrams in the form of sketches. Draw each screen and display the scroll.
And finish by stating that OnePlus will ask such and such questions to consider each proposal:
Product pole: does this contribute to a smooth experience?
Development pole: how do the different parts of the existing OS interact with the new feature?
The UX Design pole: what will the user experience look like? Does the current experience create an optimal user journey?
The company's software teams will select the best ideas and integrate them into the OS in the process. The announcement of the winners will take place mid-March, period from which the developers of the group will begin their work. To reward each contributor, a private and VIP event will be organized. Not to mention to offer them a mobile device of the brand.

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