OnePlus smartphones are the most reliable according to UFC Que Choisir

OnePlus smartphones are the most reliable on the European market, according to a survey conducted by the UFC Que Choisir Consumer Association. The brand outperforms Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

UFC Que Choisir has released its high-tech reliability survey. The purpose of this report is to identify the recurring concerns consumers have with their electronic devices. You can imagine: smartphones are obviously reviewed. And in this area, the brand that is doing best is OnePlus.
The UFC Que Choisir has set up a reliability index taking into account "the total number of problems, weighted by the importance and frequency of breakdowns since the purchase, as well as the age of the device" . The scores awarded are also adjusted according to the range and type of device. Taking all these factors into consideration, here's what to take from the scoring system:
95 to 100: very good
90 to 94: good
85 to 89: medium
80 to 84: poor
0 to 79: bad
OnePlus, Lenovo and Microsoft on the podium
OnePlus has a reliability index of 94.8. In other words, the brand fails very little to reach the 95 mark that would have earned him the "very good". The Chinese manufacturer can nevertheless boast of being ranked first on 18 brands ahead of Lenovo and Microsoft – yes yes, Microsoft – who rise on the second and third steps of the podium with scores respectively of 94.1 and 92.7.
For comparison, here are the reliability indices of the three leaders in the smartphone market:
Of the 18 brands listed, ZTE, Alcatel and Wiko finish in the last three places.
The battery and the screen are often the blow of the breakdown
The battery is the most common problem observed by the UFC Que Choisir and is concerned by 27% of the worries reported by respondents. The touch screen also seems to be a regular cause of the malfunctions encountered by consumers (23%).
The UFC Que Choisir tackle the Huawei brand, which "is more affected than average by the problems of battery charger, GPS, memory card reader and Bluetooth".
The UFC Que Choisir reliability survey is based on 43,331 exploitable opinions collected in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
OnePlus France Service
OnePlus France took advantage of this survey to tell us that it would open a Twitter account in France dedicated to after-sales service "to locate returns and be even closer to our users." No specific date has been communicated, but "it should be ready for the next launch". See you for the OnePlus 7, no doubt.

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