Onewheel Pint: even on one wheel, this electric unicycle speeds up to 25km / h

After marketing a first electric unicycle under the name Onewheel + XR, Future Motion is back with a smaller, lighter and more affordable version. But logically less efficient.

Founded in 2013 by Kyle Doerksen, Future Motion has made electric unicycles its spearhead. Without rushing, the California firm developed and marketed a first product called Onewheel + XR, whose purchase price of 1799 dollars could put off more than one. That's why the American company undertook the construction of a second, less expensive version, to the detriment of a logically lighter technical sheet.
As fast as an electric bike
Thus was born the Onewheel Pint, whose design substantially matches that of its predecessor: an imposing 10.5-inch wheel lodges in the middle of what looks like a skateboard board. At the front and rear, a support for each foot allows the user to keep in balance, although the size of the tire plays a key role in the stabilization of this machine dedicated to urban micro mobility.

The official press release published by the company logically dwells on the technical characteristics of the product: a length of 68.5 centimeters, the unicycle speeds at a maximum pace of 25 km / h all the same. In short, it is a speed similar to bicycles equipped with an electric motor. With the difference that a cyclist can provide additional physical and human effort to exceed this pace.
The autonomy of the Pint version oscillates between 9.5 and 13 kilometers, enough to guarantee a range exclusively reserved for short trips. The figures presented remain lower than those of Onewheel + XR. Practical, the unicycle is also equipped with a handle installed on the side of the board, to facilitate its transport, as well as a dedicated application and connected.
LED light and bumper
Security level, it is necessary to count on a LED light nestled at the back of the board. What to ensure some visibility with other road users. To resist shocks, small bumpers invite you to the back and front of the product. The latter is available in three colors: Slate, Sand and Sage (gray-green), sold in limited edition, for a total of 950 dollars.


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