Oppo announces the first 5G smartphone from MWC 2019

Oppo organized a conference at which it announced the first 5G smartphone from the MWC 2019. Unfortunately, very few details have been delivered.

We have been preparing for several weeks: the MWC 2019 should see the emergence of several 5G smartphones. And it is Oppo who opens the ball. The Chinese brand has indeed held a conference in Barcelona, ​​ahead of the show, this Saturday, February 23.
During this event, Oppo briefly showed the 5G smartphone that he was working on. Specifically, we do not have much information to put in our mouths except that the device will be equipped with a Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm and its 5G modem, the Snapdragon X50.
Brief appearance of Oppo's 5G smartphone
"Oppo 5G Landing Project"
Apart from that, we still do not know what the name of the smartphone will be, nor do we know the other elements of its data sheet. Oppo, however, announced the launch of its "5G Landing Project" in partnership with a handful of operators: Switzerland Swisscom, Australians Telstra and Optus and Singaporean Singtel.
This partnership will allow Oppo to accelerate the commercialization of its 5G solutions around the world. Note also that the Chinese brand has taken advantage of this conference to announce that its solution lossless x10 zoom was to be equipped on a smartphone in the second quarter of 2019.
Our on-site teams in Barcelona will not fail to offer you grips if they have the opportunity in the aisles of the MWC 2019!
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