Oppo Poseidon: a mysterious smartphone with XXL performance passes on Geekbench

A smartphone known as the "Oppo Poseidon" code has just been featured on the Geekbench platform. Its results suggest the presence of a Snapdragon 855 processor.
Photo of illustration: Oppo R17XPro
But what is this mysterious smartphone appeared under the code name "Oppo Poseidon"? The subsidiary of BBK Electronics probably has the answer, but does not intend to disclose it anytime soon. The appearance of this mobile phone on the Geekbench platform is in any case flow a lot of ink: the writing of Gizmo China or 91Mobiles, for example. Because its passage on this reference benchmark challenges.
Scary scores
In the first place, the "Oppo Poseidon" would run under the latest version of Android's mobile operating system, 9.0 Pie. If this piece of information remains secondary, its results are less so: the terminal displays a score of 3810 in single-core and 10,963 in multi-score, or statistics for the least high suggesting the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 – the processor mark is indicated on the file.

In November 2018, the performance of the aforementioned SoC was indeed tested on the same platform, with results reaching 3150 in single-core and 9700 in multi-core, lower than those of "Poseidon". At present, no other more powerful Qualcomm processor exists. Although the gaps remain a bit high, the "Oppo Poseidon" is very likely equipped with the latest from the American manufacturer.
An optimization story?
One of the plausible explanations would be based on the maximum optimization of the tested phone, the configuration of which would increase the scores observed on Geekbench. To know now which smartphone corresponds the "Oppo Poseidon". The Chinese brand will soon unveil a 10x optical zoom phone. Coincidence? The future will tell.

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