Optical fiber: driven by rapid deployment, subscriptions are up

Arcep has published its observatory of the fixed and high speed broadband services market. The opportunity to see an increasing effort on the deployment of fiber optic FTTH and subscriptions still rising.

Optical fiber remains for the majority of consumers a distant dream. It will still take a few years before everyone can enjoy it, most current users living in major French cities.
Efforts continue, however. The Orange operator continues to emphasize its deployment, but it takes an outside entity to really know the ins and outs. Enter Arcep on the stage, which provides us with its new fixed observatory to better establish its evolution.
The deployment of optical fiber accelerates
Regarding the deployment itself, the Arcep offers us a positive observation. The authority indicates that the premises "made connectable over the quarter exceed for the first time the million", which is always easier for operators to connect their networks and shows an acceleration of deployment.
As of December 31, 2018, 13.56 million local people are eligible for FTTH offers, 32% more than the previous year with an additional 3,212,000 additional premises added during the year and 1,013,000 in the last quarter of 2018. .
Fiber subscriptions drive growth
On subscriptions, the report is also encouraging. In the last quarter, the number of THD subscriptions (throughput greater than or equal to 30 Mb / s) increased by 615,000, for a total of 9 million subscriptions. This represents an increase of 2 million subscriptions, compared to 1.5 million compared to the previous year.
Above all, the authority notes that this increase is primarily related to "the increase in the number of end-to-end fiber optic subscriptions" which recorded a growth of 485,000 in the quarter. FTTH, the best technology possible, accounts for 4.8 million lines used, an increase of 1.5 million lines over the previous year.

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