Optical fiber: Orange will take advantage of the RIP to accelerate the expansion of the network in 2019

Public initiative networks (or RIPs) are seeing their deployment grow. Orange expects to be first in the niche to accelerate fiber optic expansion in small cities and rural areas.

The incumbent operator Orange, born from the ashes of France Telecom, has always benefited from a particular link with the government. It must be said that the latter is one of its shareholders.
In the context of fiber optics, however, the efforts are private, and are numerous. Orange is the leading player in the FTTH fiber sector in France, and continues to increase its investments in the field. In 2019 he will play hand in hand with the state.
3 million fiber plugs will have access to Orange in RIP
The telecom player announces that it will be available in 2019 on all public initiative networks (or RIP) in France. There are currently 500,000 dwellings involved, which will increase to 3 million eligible catch by the end of 2019 in these areas.
As a reminder, a public initiative network is a network financed by the local authorities (who own them), often deployed by a private actor, on which the commercial actors can then graft themselves and share their recipe with the community. These investments are subsidized by the State under the Very Broadband Plan, and force the telecom actors to a certain degree of collaboration.
Above all for small towns and rural areas
The announcement is therefore rather that Orange will fully support this initiative by 2019. Fabienne Dulac, Deputy General Manager and CEO of Orange France, said on this occasion:
"With this decision, we demonstrate our commitment to the deployment of fiber and our desire to support our customers and public stakeholders. It illustrates Orange's ongoing commitment to fight digital exclusion. This acceleration will primarily benefit residents and professionals living in small towns and rural areas: 2 million of them, in RIP areas deployed by third parties, will be able to access La Fibre Orange by the end of 2019 ".
We feel that the actor is especially concerned to point out that these arrangements will benefit primarily small towns and rural areas. In fact, Orange benefits enormously from the deployments of these RIPs, being one of the main contracting parties to develop them. This is only the logical continuity of the Very High Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčPlan, but at least it will be implemented quickly.

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