Orange: an iron health based on investment and fiber

The incumbent Orange has published its quarterly results. The opportunity to see continued growth through investment and fiber optics.

The publication of quarterly results does not of course concern manufacturers. In the smartphone market, operators are equally important.
One of the first to publish them for the year 2018 is none other than Orange, the incumbent operator born from the ashes of France Telecom. And we can say that it is doing very well.
Orange is progressing at all levels
The company recorded a 1.3% increase in its turnover to reach 41.3 billion euros, against 40.8 billion euros in 2017. The gross operating surplus progressed for its part. 2.6% to reach 13 billion euros.
It should be noted that all the markets occupied by Orange are affected by this increase. The operator particularly notes a significant increase in its turnover in Africa and the Middle East to 5.1%, higher than in Europe to 1.7%.
The optical fiber carries Orange
The telecom actor focuses on "convergence", offers including both fixed and mobile. And in this field, it remains impressive with 10.9 million customers, an increase of 6%, for 7.1 billion of turnover, an increase of 10% year-round.
Optical fiber is particularly important for Orange. In France, the operator has 11.8 million households that can be connected with FTTH fiber, almost as much (nearly 500,000) as SFR – the champion – which puts him on the FTTH as well as the FTTla.
For 2019, Orange intends to continue this momentum by focusing primarily on network investments and quality. He prides himself on being the # 1 operator as a mobile network for the eighth consecutive year. At the dawn of 5G, it seems that this strategy fits him perfectly.
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