Orange improves the price of its subscribers without increasing the bill

Like SFR, Orange has decided to improve the 4G data package for some of its subscribers. Unlike SFR, the price of the package does not change.

SFR was noticed in January by announcing an increase in the price of the package for its subscribers, granting them a little more data, with an automatic application of the new tariff.
The operator was followed by Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile, who also announced tariff increases in other forms, such as the UFC Que Choisir.
Orange was expected at the turn, and the surprise is finally pretty good.
Open subscriptions increase to 60 GB of data
Many subscribers to the incumbent received a message that they were now entitled to a mobile plan with 60 GB of data per month. Good surprise, this change is made without reengagement and without price change. Orange is actually offering more data, for the same price, to its subscribers.

At least at @Orange_France have internet + it's not 3 euros more like at some 😦
– Fab (@ Fabian040299) February 7, 2019

This increase in data concerns subscribers to Open packages. These are the operator's quadruple play packages with fixed access to the livebox, and a mobile plan.
A nice reward for loyalty, for the best customers of the operator.
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