Orange will also launch its PC in the cloud and compete with Shadow

Shadow of Blade has paved the way for cloud computing. The operator Orange is also interested, and prepares a turnkey solution working directly with its key HDMI.

A few years ago, cloud computing – which describes using a remote PC over the internet without ever having a physical machine at home – was just a sweet dream. Recently, however, the solutions are multiplying.
In France, we no longer present the company Blade, or its Shadow service that has convinced many players for its powerful configuration to play on any device. Competitors are multiplying on the sector, also locally: as he presented to 01net, the Orange operator will not be long in entering this market.
Orange is preparing its own PC in the cloud
The "TV key" of the operator allows for the moment to find his TV services anywhere. Starting in the spring, a new solution will be deployed in priority for professionals before reaching individuals: the possibility of accessing a complete PC in the Orange cloud.
We do not yet have the details of the server configurations of the operator, and therefore the power allocated to each session, but the principle is similar to Shadow: in a few clicks, you can easily connect to a complete Windows 10 interface.
Orange offers the ability to navigate the PC interface from its smartphone and a dedicated application, but still better use the good old keyboard / mouse combo for a better experience.
Declaration of Intent
For the moment, this is only a statement of intent and evidence that Orange has the technology to implement such a solution. This being the case, the offer remains to be created: we only know for the moment that this will be a subscription formula.
However, the real interest of cloud computing can only be established by two important and missing points here: the latency of the service, also related to the quality of connection requested upstream, and the raw power of the computer. Otherwise, it is not possible to establish if certain uses (the game, the audio-video editing, the photo editing) are possible on these configurations.
We have contacted Orange for further information, and will update this article in case of response.

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