Otter, lazy, polecat … the 61 new emojis are finalized, discover them now

Unicode 12.0 is now available. It now offers 61 new emojis including the best animal in the world: the otter.

What's better than words? Obviously, emojis, if we believe the popular use. Small images representing emotions as well as common contexts are increasingly used around the world.
The company responsible for further developing the long list of images, the Unicode Consortium, revealed a list of 230 emojis that were considered for the year 2019. We now have the final selection, announced at the same time as the release of Unicode 12.0.
61 new emojis
So 61 emojis were selected, and were made available on March 5th. Among the novelties, we note the appearance of some friendly animals like the pink flamingo, the lazy, but especially our master at all: the otter.

Above all, these new emojis are an opportunity to put forward more diversity. Thus, emojis showing two people holding hands now offer many varieties of sex and skin colors. Accessibility is also a major focus of this update, with many emojis representing people with reduced mobility including the appearance of wheelchairs and guide dogs.
However, it will take some time before they appear on your mobile. Builders tend to give their own vision of these before deploying them, causing the Unicode Consortium to expect full adoption around September or October.
Four new alphabets added
The release of Unicode 12.0 is also an opportunity to include 554 new characters for 4 new scripts. Thus, four new alphabets are added:
The Elymaic
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong
The Wancho
Other pre-existing alphabets have also been improved, including:
Hiragana and Katakana in small letters
The Hieroglyphics

As shown in the example above, it is thus possible to fully transcribe a phrase from the Medinet Habu temple into text.

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