Our selection of the 6 best apps to book your shows and concerts

In this selection, FrAndroid offers a series of applications for you to change Netflix nights and go out to see the best concerts and shows. Indeed if they are often used for bingewatcher at home, our smartphones and tablets are also an excuse to go out and get off the couch.

Even though today we have access to almost unlimited streaming content on the internet, whether on YouTube, Netflix, Spotify or any other platform of the genre, going out to live a play, a musical or even an evening techno remains a pleasure that is difficult to do without.
Even if you sometimes have a hard time finding the right idea to motivate you, with these apps you are certain to find the best entertainment outing in your city and spend the best parties.
App overview
For fans of music or to watch your idol's concert, download Bandsintown, one of the largest concert ticket buying platforms. The app allows you to track your favorite artists to be alerted of their coming to your city or exploring musical genres to make discoveries. The Songkick app is an alternative offering the same kind of services as tracking your favorite artists and of course buying concert tickets.

The application Fnac Spectacles, allows you to discover and book events of all types. You will find shows, concerts, plays, but also exhibitions or lounges to visit. As for all applications of the selection you can book your seats directly to keep them on your smartphone.
BilletRéduc is the leading website for the purchase of theater tickets, you will find plays and one man show played in thousands of theaters in France. Whatever the genre that interests you and whatever your budget you can find an interesting show.
If you still have not found the event you were hoping for or if it is unfortunately complete, TicketSwap is here to save you. This application allows the sale and purchase of used tickets. The value of TicketSwap is that in addition to its interface and its efficient search function it guarantees secure transactions and allows you to avoid scams.

Finally, if you are a real party animal lover of techno nights, opt for RA Guide. This application dedicated to electronic music allows you to follow the news of artists of the genre, but also to find the best parties in many countries.
Download apps
                        With Bandsintown, find the best concerts in your city and discover artists. Explore genres (rock pop, alternative, …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Discover artists who perform in your area
                                                                Be alerted to the passage of your favorite groups
                                                                Book your concerts from the app
                        Thanks to the Songkick app, music fans will be certain not to miss any important concert. Whether to follow your idol or …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        An application to not miss any concert
                                                                Synchronization with Spotify or Facebook
                                                                Simply buy your tickets in an app
                        The application Fnac Spectacles, you can discover more than 60,000 events in France, whether concerts, shows or plays …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        More than 60,000 events
                                                                Book your tickets and keep them at your fingertips
                                                                Be alerted when passing your favorite artists
                        With TicketReduc book tickets for a play or one-man show from your smartphone or tablet.
The application …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Theater tickets at the best price
                                                                Thousands of shows throughout France
                                                                Classic pieces but also contemporary or comic
                        A last-minute event prevents you from attending a concert and you would like to resell your ticket? The show you are waiting for …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Sell ​​your tickets easily
                                                                Buy seats for already completed shows
                                                                Secured and secured transactions
                        RA Guide is a platform dedicated to the news of electronic music. Whether you are a neophyte party animal enthusiast or passionate techno music …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        An application dedicated to techno nights
                                                                A catalog of thousands of events
                                                                Book from the app


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