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    Even though there is currently no actual student Internet box, some ISPs offer cheap Internet offers that are very similar to the ideal student Internet subscription. Here are some tips to save as much as possible on your Internet connection costs.

If you are a student, you know how much to save is essential. Some fees are more essential than others: food, outings, rent, but also a subscription to an Internet box. However, it is very rare to find operators offering an Internet offer dedicated to students, with services and especially a price adapted to their lifestyle. Fortunately, the battle is fierce between ISPs, who now offer comprehensive Internet offers with fast Internet speeds at low prices, especially when you are a student (and therefore broke). Here are some tips to save as much as possible on your Internet connection charges.
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A student internet connection at 0 euro is possible
Before going back to the various student Internet offers, let's review two well-known solutions for not paying at all for a fixed Internet connection.
The first is simply to use any open and free WiFi connection available around your home. In addition to the hotspots of the various fixed Internet operators, there are applications to find open and free WiFi Internet connections, such as WiFi Finder.
                        WiFi Finder is an application for Android and iOS that allows you to quickly find hotspot, fast WiFi points and especially free. The…
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        The assurance of finding a free Internet connection anywhere in the world
                                                                We know the speed of connections (download as upload)
                                                                An offline mode!
The second solution is simpler: simply share the Internet connection of your smartphone and turn it into WiFi. A trick as old as the world and on which we return a little further.
Know how to build a student Internet connection as cheaply as possible
If you have already done some research, you know that there is currently no special Internet offer for students. And for good reason, Internet operators today are fighting a price war without mercy. The advantage is that the student you are necessarily winning.

Your first tip will be to seek to consolidate the maximum services related to the Internet connection for the lowest possible rate. As such, we do not advise you to turn to the so-called "triple play" or "quadruple play" Internet offers, offers that include both an Internet box, a mobile plan, television and fixed and proposed calls to the Internet. high rates. With a little time and trick, it is possible, by studying the offers separately to benefit from a mobile plan and a fixed Internet connection worthy of the name for about 30 euros per month.
A big mobile plan to save on your Internet connection
When you are a student, the most advantageous is still to look for the best prices, everywhere. For mobile plans, it's quite simple, operators now offer monthly very interesting promotions including unlimited calls and SMS in addition to a 4G data envelope often very generous. One of the best deals of the moment is the unlimited 30 GB RED, at 10 euros per month or the unlimited 60 GB RED, at 15 euros per month. A valid rate "for life" in both cases, that is to say that the price will not increase past a certain date.
It is now possible to benefit from a big envelope of data in 4G for less than 15 euros.
Such a data envelope can then be sufficient to connect to the Internet. Just put your smartphone in modem mode or buy a 4G router to enjoy the 4G connection sharing.

Fixed Internet: Knowing Your Student Needs
Being a student is not just about using your internet connection to download or upload your lessons. It is also to watch or download series, play online or streamer. As such, a 4G connection sharing can quickly show its limits when you are a student: the envelope of data is limited (which is problematic when you embark on a serial marathon) and the ping is often very high which can degrade your online gaming sessions.

There is no secret, to overcome this problem, it is necessary to take a fixed Internet connection, and preferably a fixed Internet connection compatible with a student budget. The good news is that more and more operators are embarking on "Double Play" offers, which only understand the basics, namely a good internet connection and the landline.
The perfect fixed internet offer for students
In this context, the RED by SFR offer is one of the most interesting of the moment. This is an offer that includes basic the best Internet connection possible depending on your student accommodation (a test of eligibility is required) and which costs only 20 euros per month, for life and especially without commitment.
This offer has another major advantage: it is possible to add options. Count 2 or 4 euros to add the television (but beware, think about the fee that will also pay at the end of the month!) The Internet connection and 5 euros more for the option Flow Plus, which allows improve the downflow rate up to 1 Gb / s.
In terms of price, the fiber offer from RED SFR to 20 euros per month without commitment is the most interesting of the moment.
The SFR RED box also offers options that are extremely practical when you are a student. For example, you can benefit from Cloud Red by SFR, which offers a free 10GB of data space to store your lessons and homework safely, without fear of losing them when your computer crashes. And until June 30, 2019, it is also possible to enjoy the Youboox One service for free which allows access to a large digital library, what to learn graciously.
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Here is a summary of the options that can be added to your basic Internet subscription at 20 euros per month:
Decoder TV and 35 channels at 2 euros per month
TV decoder and 100 channels at 4 euros per month
Unlimited free eBooks with Youboox until June 30
100GB of Cloud SFR for 3 euros per month
And many others…
Lastly, if you subscribe by March 25, RED also agrees to reimburse the cancellation fees of your former service provider to the tune of 100 euros. A welcome boost to cross the course and switch operators without fear and at a lower cost.
             Subscribe to the RED box fiber at 20 euros per month
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