Peugeot 208: a 100% electric version in 2019 to compete with Renault Zoe

The French company Peugeot intends to launch a new 100% electric version of its iconic 208, in the course of the year 2019. A model that would directly compete with Renault Zoe.

Renault and Peugeot, the war is just beginning on the segment of the electric. Because to believe three specialized sites that are Largus, Breezcar and Auto Moto, the lion brand will come to tickle the diamond in the year 2019, marketing a new version of its 208, 100% electric this time . With, as a bonus, some new details of the interested, which would come to compete with the Zoe, electrified car the most popular in 2018.
A city dweller with decent autonomy
If Renault is also to introduce another model of its Clio 5 in 2019, hybrid, however, it is between the Zoé and the electric 208 that the battle will take place. The latter will try to find a place in a niche in full evolution, currently dominated by the first with 17,038 copies sold in 2018, according to the figures of the Committee of French Manufacturers of Automobiles (CCFA), corresponding to more than half electric cars introduced on the market last year.
What weapons will this 208 revisit? A motor of 136 horses in the first place, against 90 horses for the Zoe, whatever the models. Add also a 50 kW lithium-ion battery giving it 300 km of autonomy according to the WLTP cycle. Opposite, his competitor offers only 135 kilometers. No information on top speed and acceleration was reported.
A price still too expensive
Regarding charging, three solutions have been implemented by Peugeot: the domestic socket (8 hours of charging), a station Wallbox (five hours of charging, 11 kW) or a fast charger of 100 kW (30 minutes for 80%). 'energy). But as always, the price is likely to cringe: count about 30,000 according to Auto Moto, slightly above the price scale of the Zoe oscillating between 23,000 and 26,000 euros. Its more enticing performance can somewhat justify this price.
Assembled in Slovakia, the 208 electric will benefit from the e-CMP modular platform, specially manufactured for electric cars of the PSA group. Its presence at the 89th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show, held from March 7 to 17, 2019, should be the subject of a more detailed presentation as to its technical characteristics.
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