Philips Unveils Screeneo S Short-Throw Android Projectors

Philips will unveil three video projectors for the CES 2019. In addition to running Android, they are short-throw projectors.
Philips Screeneo S6
The CES is fast approaching and Philips is about to introduce new products at the Las Vegas show to satisfy video projector enthusiasts. These are not ultra-short-throw projectors, like the one just announced by LG or Xiaomi we tested, but short-throw projectors. This means that you can place them about 1.5 to 2 meters from the wall to get a large picture (up to 120 inches diagonally). At the moment, we do not know their price, but we have some technical details.
The Screeneo S6, the one on the first image, will be 4K compatible. We are talking about the real 4K, so it has 8.3 million pixels. Its brightness rises up to 1600 lumens, in any case the figure provided by Philips, and it incorporates HDR 10 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) technologies. The set seems to breathe quality with an aluminum shell, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, two speakers and an Android-based system. It would not be Android TV but a customized version of the system.
Philips Screeneo S4
The Screeneo S4 has a lower light output: 1400 lumens. Its definition is not 4K but Full HD, and it is 10-bit HDR compatible.
Philips Screeneo S2
The Screeneo S2 has only 600 lumens of light output and its definition is HD (without HDR). Obviously, this video projector will require a darker room to provide sufficient performance for a good experience. It still delivers stereo sound through its speakers and embeds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces.
Note that these projectors are designed Screeneo Innovation, a subsidiary of Swiss Power Data Holding), which operates the Philips brand. We will know more at CES 2019, which starts on January 7, 2019.

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