Pinned by the ANFR, Xiaomi offers an update correcting the DAS too high of two smartphones

ANFR has detected that the regulatory SAR limit for two Xiaomi smartphones has been exceeded. The firm offers an update to correct the problem.

The level of DAS is a subject of frequent concern in France. The regulation requires that the level of electromagnetic waves emitted by a device is less than 2W / kg at the level of the head, and 2 W / kg at a distance of 5mm when worn at the level of the trunk.

During a test, the ANFR noted an overtaking on the part of two smartphones Xiaomi: Redmi Note 5 and Mi Mix 2S. If the overtaking of the first was light (2.08 W / kg) the same can not be said of Mi Mix 2S, with a raised DAS of 2.94 W / kg.
The update to MIUI 10 corrects the problem
After this point of order, Xiaomi released an update correcting the problem. For the Redmi Note 5 you need version and for Mi Mix 2S you need version 10.2.1. These patches correspond to the latest updates of the phones under MIUI 10.
The ANFR has carried out new measurements, with these updates installed, and the values ‚Äč‚Äčare effectively well below the maximum allowed, respectively 0.356 W / kg and 1.42 W / kg.
Remember that when marketing a new smartphone, it is the manufacturer who is responsible for measuring whether the emission level complies with the regulations. The authority in charge of this subject can subsequently carry out checks.


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