Pocophone F1: recording 4K 60 fps arrives, Widevine support L1 late

Promised before the end of the year by Pocophone, the HD video support with the Widevine DRM will have to wait, but the brand makes other promises.
When the Pocophone F1 was released, the smartphone was the subject of controversy. The smartphone that relied on its performance (and price!) Does not support the Widevine L1 DRM, like most Xiaomi. This has the effect of preventing HD video playback on popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov.
The young brand Poco then reacted quickly by announcing think about the support of Widevine L1, then promising a solution before the end of the fourth quarter, ie the end of the year 2018. This solution is still not available , the brand has made a new point.
The 4K at 60 fps to wait
For the fifteenth consecutive week, Poco made a point on the problems of Pocophone F1 and their solutions. We learn first that if the brand missed its deadline, it is still working on a solution to support Widevine L1.
Several other issues are currently being solved in various beta versions, such as touch screen latency, badge support in the application launcher, and an occasional 4G connection problem after disconnecting Wi-Fi.
Above all, Poco announces that the development of recording in 4K and 60 frames per second is coming to an end. The smartphone will integrate this feature that is found on a handful of high-end smartphone.
Anyway it is reassuring that the firm wants to solve the problems of his first smartphone. Its small selling price could have been used as an excuse to offer a lower level of service. Of course, he would have even better that his problems do not exist in the first place.
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