Poll of the week: do you think Google Stadia will kill traditional consoles?

Tadaaa! It's time for the poll of the week! Today, we want to know if you think that cloud gaming services like Google Stadia are able to sound the death knell of traditional consoles.

Cloud gaming is the future of video games … This is at least the message that many companies in the industry are hammering away at. This week was also marked by the announcement of Google Stadia: a new streaming video game service. Obviously, we are promised top-flight performances, titles in 4K HDR at 60 fps and a controlled ecosystem, but there are still many questions that remain unresolved.
At the same time, Microsoft does not want to be on its toes and has announced that it will make very big announcements around the cloud gaming during the E3. All this uproar brings us to our poll this week: do you think Google Stadia, and cloud gaming in general, will kill traditional consoles like PlayStation or Xbox?
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Android Q: a dark theme expected, but not too much
Last week, we asked you if you were looking forward to the dark theme of Android Q. Just under 900 people answered this question. This low turnout already tends to prove that impatience was probably not the main sentiment of our readers around this topic.

It should be noted, however, that 58.4% of participants say they dream of the dark theme on the next major version of Android, while 25.9% of respondents say they are already benefiting from it, no doubt thanks to their interface builder as One UI or MIUI, and they are very satisfied.
To this dripping love for the dark theme opposes a small group of people who do not want on their smartphones. For example, 10.6% of those surveyed think that night mode is an ugly feature. Finally, 5% say they could activate it on their devices, but just do not want to.


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