Protecting yourself from hacking, developing games and learning Python has never been easier with Udemy

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    Thanks to Udemy, train yourself in digital and in many other fields. The online course platform offers a number of courses in a wide variety of fields. Find our selection of promotional courses related to computer development and cybersecurity: Python language, game programming with Unity and protection of hacking.

Whether you want to improve your skills in a field or learn new skills, you'll always find suitable training on Udemy. With more than 100,000 online courses available in all languages, the spectrum of possibilities is very wide. From computer development to music and well-being, Udemy offers courses in a wide variety of fields, to enrich your knowledge and your skills.
Many courses are taught in video format, with exercises and practical work to ensure the assimilation of your knowledge. Nothing is urgent, since once acquired, the course is yours and searchable in an unlimited way. What to learn at your own pace and according to your desires.
If you hesitate to take the plunge, know that Udemy is currently offering a very special operation to celebrate the 30 million students on the platform. For this occasion, many courses are offered at a price of 9.99 euros. It will not drag, however, since the offer is valid from today, January 27, to 31 of that same month.
Master the Python language
The Python language is everywhere, and has the distinction of being easy to learn, because it enjoys a rather simple syntax compared to other languages. Python is extremely complete since it allows to develop both simple scripts, but also more complete and graphic elements such as software or games. Fun fact, this language made public in 1991 by Guidi van Rossum is named in this way in reference to the Monty Python series which he is a fan.

This course consists of a total of nearly 8 hours of video and written content is provided by a former technical director, passionate about programming. It will teach you all the basics of this language before dispensing you with practical work such as automating tasks, creating mini-games or even storing data. Usually offered at a price of 194.99 euros, this course is currently on sale at 9.99 euros.
             Learn the Python language for 9.99 euros on Udemy
Learn hacking to better protect yourself
Hacking and cybercrime are new threats to modern society. With homes increasingly connected to networks, a single breach can cause serious security problems. And the best way to protect yourself is to understand hacking in order to know how it exploits digital loopholes. This is one of the goals of the course: to detect the own vulnerabilities of its network and its connected devices to better protect them.

Given by a computer security consultant and creator of sites related to hacking, this course offers a total of nearly 10 hours of video. Many resources therefore, to understand the operation of systems and networks, but also the methods of hacking in order to organize its own computer security. Usually at 159.99 euros, you can find this course on ethical hacking at a price of 9.99 euros.
             Learn how to protect yourself from hacking for 9.99 euros on Udemy
Create your own game with Unity
Unity is a graphics engine for creating games for all platforms, from the smartphone to the consoles via the PC. Very popular around the world, this engine has two major features: it offers a free license sufficient to allow room for creativity and can quickly create its first draft game. Among the games developed with Unity, we find the famous Monument Valley , Cuphead or Hearthstone.
CC BagoGames
This course, which includes 40 hours of video, is taught by an experienced instructor with a wide range of programming languages ​​and tools. On the program, a complete learning of Unity and its interface to create your own project, both 3D and 2D. Little more, you can also work on the artificial intelligence of the future enemies that will be in your game. Displayed at a price of 199.99 euros in normal time, this course is offered on promotion at a price of 9.99 euros.
             Create your own game on Unity for 9.99 euros on Udemy


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