Qualcomm: Quick Charge adapts to wireless charging – MWC 2019

Qualcomm is obviously present at MWC 2019 to tell us about its hardware innovations. One of them relates to wireless charging: it will support the Quick Charge technology very soon.

In the market, fast charging technologies have multiplied. The manufacturer has democratized these is none other than Qualcomm, which offers us its technology "Quick Charge" for many years.
At the Mobile World Congress, the US manufacturer is primarily present to unveil its new 5G. However, some additional ads are also made.
Quick Charge adapts to wireless charging
The most important of these is the adaptation of the Quick Charge standard to wireless charging. Indeed, the manufacturer has announced that the fast charging technology will soon switch to wireless, although we do not know for the moment the technical specifications required.
The most important thing in all this is that the development of the Quick Charge certification will not be at the expense of the Qi standard, used by the majority of manufacturers currently and allowing intercompatible chargers. Future Quick Charge compatible chargers will also be compatible with the current Qi standard.
Xiaomi will be the first manufacturer to offer a Qi and Quick Charge compatible wireless charging cradle with the Mi Wireless Charging Pad. While the Xiaomi Mi 9 has just been announced as compatible with the 20W wireless charging, using a proprietary technology that said, we can estimate that Qualcomm has the plan to meet or exceed this rate.

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