Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G: big batteries for higher autonomy in approach

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, the manufacturer's collapsible smartphone, and Galaxy S10 5G are among the most anticipated phones of the year. Today, new information concerns the size of their respective batteries.

Nowadays, the autonomy of a device is especially optimized on the components that it uses and the software. The SoC does everything to be the most powerful while consuming the least, while Android does everything to keep a maximum battery while being fluid.
This does not mean that the actual size of the battery is not important. In 2019, we expect a lot from Samsung: new Galaxy S10, including a 5G variant, and a foldable smartphone. These last two may consume more, due to the use of new components (5G and folding screen).
Galaxy F and Galaxy S10 5G batteries
It will therefore be necessary for the battery to follow. As such, Galaxy Club – a trusted site – says it could recover the battery sizes of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Fold, the foldable smartphone.
The Galaxy S10 5G would benefit from a huge battery of 5000 mAh. Interestingly, the team says that this same battery should be as integrated into the future Galaxy M20 which is still awaiting the announcement.
As for the foldable smartphone, it's even more interesting. By its concept, it would take advantage of two batteries surely stored on both sides of the smartphone. These two batteries would be at 3100 mAh, or 6200 mAh total. Again, this component would be the same as that used for another device: the Galaxy S10 Lite.
New uses
Can we expect a record autonomy? Not really. The Galaxy S10 5G would benefit from the first 5G modem market, which in doing so is not necessarily the most optimized: it could consume more than the current generations. And this without counting the other components of the phone that should integrate many photo sensors and an under-screen fingerprint reader. However, 5000 mAh for a "classic" smartphone remains excellent.
As for the folding smartphone Galaxy F, remember that it should include a large folding screen and a second screen outside. It is more or less the equivalent of three screens of the current generation to supply energy, which is not easy.
Now, these "three screens" are not meant to be all lit at the same time. In use, the small external display should consume little, while the central folding screen will not necessarily be the most used. At sight, 6,200 mAh seems to be fairly honest … but we will wait to test it of course.
In any case, all this should be very expensive.


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