Samsung Galaxy Fold: here are the first foldable protective cases

Foldable smartphones are a smashing arrival at the beginning of the year. A real headache for hull manufacturers like Spigen.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Credit: Samsung
The arrival of foldable smartphones is undoubtedly one of the trends of the beginning of the year. Samsung opened the show with the presentation of the Galaxy Fold, quickly followed by Huawei and several other manufacturers.
While waiting for the tests of these products, several points of doubt remain as the resistance of these devices over time, the Galaxy Fold for example which integrates two different screens, including a foldable.
Spigen, one of the best known hull manufacturers, has decided to tackle the problem as quickly as possible and unveils the first plans for its accessories.
An integrated hinge
The brand has unveiled versions adapted to the Galaxy Fold of its models well known as the Ultra Hybrid or Thin Fit.
In outline, we find the known elements of Spigen, including the protections around the corners of the device. Note, however, the adjustments made for the Galaxy Fold: the space left on one side for the triple photo sensor, and the other for the additional screen of the smartphone, when it is folded.
The most interesting is the image of the Thin Fit, in gray, where we see the hinge imagined by Spigen to help protect the phone both folded and unfolded. Beyond the creation of a foldable screen, the launch of foldable smartphones takes with him the entire industry.
This is an important difference between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. The latter can only be protected when it is folded, it is necessary to remove the shell designed by Huawei to unfold. Hope that manufacturers like Spigen find a more elegant solution.


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