Samsung Galaxy Fold: no Exynos in Europe but the Snapdragon 855

During its presentation, Samsung has somewhat hidden the SoC that fitted the future Galaxy Fold. We learn through a leak that this is the Snapdragon 855, and that it will also equip the international version rather than the usual Exynos.

Samsung has a busy year 2019, it's the least we can say. The Galaxy S10 have just arrived in France, but the list of its new smartphones is expanding more and more on the Galaxy A mid-range.
What's more, the premium segment is far from complete. The Galaxy Fold, the brand's first collapsible smartphone, is still expected for the month of April. Today we learn a little more about him.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be under Snapdragon 855 in Europe
During its official presentation, Samsung reported only a "8-core 7nm 64-bit processor" to describe its future SoC. It seemed obvious that this is the Snapdragon 855, but we were not sure that this configuration is found in Europe where Samsung favors its SoC Exynos house on the premium.
In the end, it will be nothing. A member of XDA Developers was able to recover the firmware of an international version of the future phone and analyze the code. It's very simple: the one shows that it is well equipped with the Snapdragon 855, and that a second version under Exynos is not planned.
Of course, nothing says that other markets do not benefit from the SoC house. However, this seems less and less likely. After all, the Galaxy Fold wants to be ultra premium and produced in small quantities: it seems logical that Samsung does not multiply variants to minimize its manufacturing costs.


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