Samsung Galaxy Fold: no jack on the smartphone at 2000 euros

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will not have a jack. It confirms the slow transition of the South Korean manufacturer to the removal of the headphone port.

The star of the show during the presentation of the new Galaxy S10 … was not really the Galaxy S10. The one that attracted the most attention is probably the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The foldable smartphone was indeed entitled to a demonstration and we learned many things about it, including its price announced at 2000 euros.
However, an unknown remained: the Galaxy Fold yes or no right to a jack? And the answer is no. The Verge journalists were able to confirm that the device did not have the famous connectivity for wired headsets.
Slow transition
Warning: this is not Samsung's first phone without a jack. The very exotic W2019 clamshell – and costing 1200 euros – was also deprived of the helmet. Ditto for the Galaxy A8s on the screen pierced.
Recall also that Samsung has long denigrated the removal of the port jack on Apple's iPhone. The market leader is gradually making the transition to wireless or USB-C dongles.
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