Samsung Galaxy Fold: you can preorder it from April 26 in France

The Samsung Galaxy Fold had announced its release date for April 26. In the end, it concerns only the United States: in Europe, this date will be the launch of pre-orders, for an official release a week later.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is approaching. The first collapsible smartphone from the Korean manufacturer will also be a very premium device, sold at no less than 2000 euros and in small quantities.
We now learn that its European version should also take advantage of the Snapdragon 855. SamMobile informs us that Samsung has unveiled plans for the release in Europe of the smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders in France
If the date of release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold had been placed until April 26, we learn that it ultimately only concerns the US market. For Europe, it will simply be the beginning of pre-orders for the smartphone, which will be available for purchase on the Samsung official website in France, Germany and Italy among others, at 2000 euros.
Any pre-order will allow you to receive Galaxy Buds as a bonus, a Kevlar protective shell and a one-year warranty by Samsung Care +. A good way to guarantee the smartphone against the risk of creases too marked on the screen after 10,000 closures. The smartphone will then be marketed officially from May 3 in store, but Samsung intends to take full control of its physical presentation, which will be limited to a few partners.


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