Samsung Galaxy Note 10: the smartphone would have no physical button

A Korean newspaper claims that Samsung's next flagship, the Galaxy Note 10, should do without any physical buttons. An idea already seen elsewhere, without convincing.

What is the ideal design of a smartphone? For some, it's about having the most sober aspect possible: a completely borderless screen and without notch, plus a single port of connection and a perfectly integrated camera.
The removal of ports is for example one of the objectives of Apple with the iPhone, announced during the presentation of the iPhone X, and one of the reasons why the smartphone incorporates wireless charging.
It seems that Samsung has decided to take another path, and planned to remove all the physical buttons Galaxy Note 10, its next flagship planned for the end of the year.
Like an air of HTC U12 +
This is revealed by the Korean newspaper ETNews which states that the Galaxy Note 10, or whatever its name, will have no physical button on the front of the phone, or on its edges. The goal would be to have a design without marking.
Samsung would not be the first to try this adventure. In 2018, the HTC had tried to innovate on this point with the U12 + by replacing the physical buttons with tactile areas. In use, the result was catastrophic.
According to ETNews, Samsung would have chosen a similar path by trusting NDT, the manufacturer of a ForceTouch sensor that can recognize finger pressure, without physical buttons.
Still according to this source, the mid-range smartphones of the A series would be the next concerned after the Galaxy Note 10 by this change of design.

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