Samsung Galaxy S10: a screen "indistinguishable from perfection" according to DisplayMate

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has received a wave of praise for the quality of its screen from the DisplayMate specialist who gives him the highest score.

Since Samsung has embarked on the OLED screens, it has, over time, improved this display technology on its smartphones as a good wine aged cask. And it's been quite a while now that every flagship of the South Korean giant sees the quality of its slab being praised by the area's specialist, DisplayMate. The Galaxy S10 is no exception to the rule.
The smartphone has indeed been entitled to all possible compliments from DisplayMate which has given its screen "the highest A + rating of all time." Each detail of the slab is described in a positive way. For example: the maximum brightness rated at 1215 nits surpasses other smartphones tested – that's 17% higher than the Galaxy S9.
Better than all the others
All comments about color accuracy and contrast are borrowed from vocabulary in the lexical field of excellence. DisplayMate writes that, on the Galaxy S10, these elements are "visibly indistinguishable from perfection".
The latest smartphone to garner so much praise was the Google Pixel 3 at the end of 2018. Samsung will not be slow to regain its place … and will probably be challenged by new products later this year 2019.
In any case, we understand why the screen has cost more to produce this year on the Galaxy S10. While waiting for our smartphone test, we invite you to discover our grip.

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