Samsung Galaxy S10 +: a video shows a screen protection unsightly, but necessary

A partial video capture of the Galaxy S10 Plus highlights Samsung's difficulty in adapting its screen protectors to the front fingerprint reader. In the idea, the aesthetic result would be degraded.

A week away from Samsung's long-awaited conference, during which the South Korean group will unveil its new Galaxy S10 range and its collapsible smartphone, leaks about the Asian brand's upcoming flagship store continue to appear on the Net. After the photographic performances of the classic S10 and the official name of the Galaxy S10e, up to the big brother's glass screen protector, the S10 Plus.
A gaping hole
The YouTube channel Fun Mobile has indeed released a grip of a certain Galaxy S10 Plus, if we refer to the title of the video. The device in question looks in any case strongly to this declination, easily identifiable with its dual-drilled front screen to accommodate the two photo sensors. If the user does not perform a real demonstration, his various facts and gestures highlight the fingerprint reader integrated below the screen.

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The apparatus used is in fact equipped with a glass protector, which contrasts sharply with the aforementioned fingerprint reader. When the phone is in standby, you can clearly see the contours of the reader. For the latter to be used, it was indeed necessary to leave a gaping hole on the bottom of the protection. Once the phone is turned on, the visual anomaly disappears completely in the light of the interface.
The screen protection is pretty ugly.
A glass protection … official?
If the nature of the product, the S10 + in this case, does not leave much room for doubt, we can still wonder if this glass protection will really be the one officially proposed by Samsung. This video is reminiscent of recent assertions of a props, according to which the fingerprint reader under the screen would not work under protection according to his tests. To circumvent the problem, Samsung could very well adopt this kind of unattractive design, but essential to offer its users this new authentication system.
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