Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +: here are the press releases supposed official with all the colors offered by us

Within three weeks of their presentations, the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + have almost no secrets. Press releases have been posted on the web and show the different colors of the smartphone.
Supposed press release of Galaxy S10 and S10 +
We keep the conditional as a precaution, but there is no doubt that we discover here what will be the press releases released by Samsung when the firm will officially introduce its new flagship.
On the one hand, we are only three weeks away from the announcement, which reinforces the probability that the leaks are correct (the development of the smartphone being completed), and secondly the source of this new leak is Roland Quandt, who has proven his reliability in recent years.
In addition, this new leak corroborates the rumors about the new Samsung smartphone.
Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S10
We start with the images of the Galaxy S10. We can note again the presence of a pierced screen, for a single camera, which should be a trend of 2019, instead of a notch.
At the back, we see that the Galaxy S10 should integrate well three photo sensors, the heart rate sensor and an LED flash.
The smartphone does not offer a fingerprint reader, it would be located under the surface of the screen.

The colors presented here are white, black and green. This should be the three colors available in Europe at the exit, with the blue color arriving in a second time.
Pictures of Samsung Galaxy S10 +
We continue with the images of the Galaxy S10 +. Compared to the classic model, we can note the presence of a second camera at the front, but the same number of cameras at the back.
This is a contradiction with the supposed design of Galaxy S10 + unveiled by OnLeaks. In our article, we just pointed out that OnLeaks does not necessarily know the commercial name of the designs it presents. As a reminder, an even more upmarket model than the Galaxy S10 +, known under the code name "Beyond X", should have 4 cameras on the back.

Models and capabilities in Europe
On Twitter, Roland Quandt also delivered what he considers to be the list of models that will be marketed in Europe:
ModelsStorage / RAMColoris
Galaxy S10E128 Go / 6 Hook, green, white or yellow
Galaxy S10128 Go / 6 Hook, green, white or blue
Galaxy S10512 Go / 8 Hook, green, white or blue
Galaxy S10 + 128GB / 6 Gang, green, white or blue
Galaxy S10 + 512 GB / 8 Gang, green, white or blue
Galaxy S10 + 1TB / 12 Ceramic Hook or Ceramic White
The latest model, which would only be available in ceramics, still carries the number SM-G975 which indicates that it would not be the 5G model. It still seems to distinguish itself from other models by its extraordinary storage capacity and its particular color.
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