Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus: the first tests are available, it's very good but not the copy is not perfect

While waiting for our test, we invite you to discover the verdict of the American press. Did the Galaxy S10 seduce the entire press? Overall yes, but there are some small flaws.

While waiting for our test, and after reading our grip and watching our video, here is a summary of the American tests that were published last Friday.
Through the different readings, you will notice that the Galaxy S10 have been rated well, despite some small problems. The first is the reactivity of the optical fingerprint sensor under the screen, the second is the night mode much less effective than the Pixel 3 and the latest Huawei. The US media nonetheless highlight the premium design, impressive screen, good overall performance and excellent battery life.

The Positive: The Galaxy S10 Plus features a phenomenal AMOLED display, phenomenal battery life and a host of useful shooting tools. The option to wirelessly charge another device is convenient and really works.
Negative: The Galaxy S10 Plus's Night and Low Light shots are not as clear and crisp as the dedicated night modes of the Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The ultrasonic fingerprint reader on screen is not always fast or accurate. Printing errors on the curved edge-to-edge display are only a minor inconvenience.
In summary: The Galaxy S10 Plus is a 2019 smartphone killer, although serious photographers will find that his night shots are bad.

After 10 years of Galaxy smartphones, it is easy to dismiss the S10 as a simple smartphone that offers nothing really new or revolutionary. It's not necessarily wrong; I do not think there are many reasons for owners of S9 or even S8 to spend 1,000 euros for an S10. Samsung itself will release a foldable smartphone in two months, and the S10 is just another smartphone as we have in years.

But it's the flagship of 2019 Android smartphones, and it provides the best alternative to the iPhone. It's really a matter of personal preference – are you so married to iOS and iMessage that you will never leave, or are you looking for something that has features that you simply can not get on the iPhone? If you are the latter, the S10 is here for you.
Similarly, if you're talking about the S10 and a Pixel, the question is, how much do you attach to software updates and night photography? If these things are not very high on your list of priorities, the S10 is better than the pixel in almost every other aspect.
GS10 and GS9
Finally, if you're wondering if the S10 Plus is worth nearly double the price of a OnePlus 6T, your extra money will be used to improve the display, the speakers, the waterproof, the wireless charging and the quality of the 'apparatus. It may be enough to make it worthwhile, provided you are interested in all of this.
It's clear that after a decade of Galaxy smartphones, Samsung knows what its customers want and what they expect. We've already seen glimpses of where the next 10 years will take us, but if you're looking for the best Android phone available today, the S10 Plus is there.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is Samsung's new "all-in-one" smartphone in 2019, it manages to disrupt the similarity of the latest generations of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. Its 6.4-inch screen is so big that it moves the front camera , while its triple-lens rear camera can take ultra-wide pictures. And while you can not see them, the on-screen fingerprint sensor is a hidden function for you, while the wireless PowerShare is a benefit for your friends with empty batteries. It has a lot of clever features – but Samsung is also asking for a lot of money.
Negatives: Significant price increase, the Bixby button still exists and slippery design
Good points: excellent screen / case ratio, fingerprint sensor under the effective display, wireless PowerShare advantage and battery life

The Galaxy S9 + was an S8 + with an additional camera. The Galaxy S10 + is an S9 + with an additional camera. So it would be two more cameras if you come from the S8 +, which makes it an upgrade worthy of the name. If you come from the S9 +, it's not that simple, although we would say that with the S10 +, the additional improvements are more significant than what we had in 2018 – those we can mention, but also the overall refinement.
We would be happy to recommend the Galaxy S10 + if you want the best Samsung has to offer. But realistically, the smaller Galaxy S10 would be our choice – essentially the same phone, but more affordable.
Plus: Outstanding design, superior construction, unique colors. Spectacular display. The battery life is about the same as that of the best in the category (we still expected it to be better with the numbers). Superb photo and video quality with a few exceptions.
Less: Frustrating experience of the fingerprint reader (to be improved by an update). The low-light selfies are ugly. We would like the ultra-wide camera to be autofocus. The night mode is not as good as the night modes of pixels or Huawei.

Ubergizmo: 177 points in photography
Ubergizmo has released its test dedicated to photography using its very specific protocol: the Camera IQ Score, where the Galaxy S10 took the first place in the ranking.
The rear camera system of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is impressive and very well balanced. Samsung has made incremental improvements over the functionality of Galaxy Note 9 (and S9), but it's really adding an excellent, ultra-large camera that takes the S10 to the next level of mobile photography.

The Galaxy S10 and S10 + is today one of the best in the daylight industry, it remains impressive in low light and manages to steal the crown Ultrawide IQ (image quality) LG V40!
With three of the four mobile photography pillars on hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is truly the most powerful mobile camera system today that gets an unprecedented Uber-G Camera IQ score.

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