Samsung Galaxy S10: performance of under-screen fingerprint reader will be improved

The performance of the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader is not level for some users. Samsung reacts by promising improvements to come in update.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + are now available in France, and our tests showed you how the formula of Samsung is mastered this year … failing perhaps to be original.
One of the most significant breakthroughs on these devices is the integration of a fingerprint reader under the ultrasound screen, which is reputed to be much better than the optical solutions previously used by competitors. But it is not necessarily to everyone's taste.
Samsung will improve the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader
The SamMobile website tells us indeed that a non-negligible fringe of users began to complain about the performance of this one, arguing that it should be better. Samsung is not deaf to the question, and intends to answer it.
The first update of the Galaxy S10 already improved its performance, but a spokesman for the brand confirmed that the fingerprint reader would improve in future updates planned for their smartphones.

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No problem, at least in the idea. In fact, the first user feedback is not so decided, and as many owners of the Galaxy S10 complain about the fingerprint reader that others are satisfied. What is more, the recognition is brought to improve naturally to the use, the sensor learning to better recognize the subject by force of use. So it seems a little early to determine real strengths and weaknesses, but it's reassuring to see that Samsung keeps the subject in the eye.
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