Samsung Galaxy S10: replace the USB-C port will cost you dearly

Damaging its USB type-C port is a common problem. But with the Samsung Galaxy S10, the repair will be very expensive: the port is soldered to the motherboard directly.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 are available today! While the pre-orders were honored yesterday and some have already benefited from it for 24 hours, the small defects of the devices are starting to be found.
JerryRigEverything, the YouTube channel specializing in strength testing and teardowns, handled the latest high-end Korean manufacturer. Alas, he made a somewhat surprising discovery.
The Galaxy S10 has a USB Type C port hard to change
Most of the components of smartphones are usually modular, in order to facilitate their change once they have been placed in service. This feature means that some repairs are also easier for the users themselves, ensuring a longer life.

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Alas, by opening the Samsung Galaxy S10, JerryRigEverything could see that the USB type C port of the smartphone was directly soldered on the motherboard. Damaged USB ports are one of the main causes of after sales service, making them generally designed to be replaced very easily and cheaply.
Here, the slightest problem with the USB type C port of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will force a complete change of motherboard. Thus, the operation becomes much more expensive (from 15 to 150 dollars) but also longer to achieve. A strange choice from the manufacturer.
Note also that the fingerprint reader under ultrasound screen is complicated to manage. This being the case, it was expected in the face of this type of technology.
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