Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e: 8 tips to master them well

You bought a Samsung Galaxy S10, a Galaxy S10 + or a Galaxy S10e? It's a good choice ! Now, it's time to know these eight interesting tips to master your smartphone like a pro.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e have several qualities that make them very attractive. Many of you have succumbed to their devastating charm and have chosen one of three to make it your everyday companion.
But to love them at their fair value, it is necessary to know all the little secrets of the three Galaxy S10. Here are some practical tips to master your Samsung smartphone.

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Funny wallpapers
The last time the Internet culture had overwhelmingly seized a Samsung smartphone to make a joke recurring on social networks, it was at the time of the repeated explosions of Galaxy Note 7. Memorandum oh so painful for the giant South Korean. But in 2019, the latter has something to smile about. Indeed, the Galaxy S10 have in turn become a joke, but for more enjoyable reasons.
Needless to say, the Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 + all have a screen pierced in the upper right corner to make room for their front cameras. While some may think that this is a crippling design element, many Internet users have seized this opportunity to create and offer particularly ingenious – and often funny – wallpapers that exploit the punch in order to better camouflage it.

The hole of the two smaller models can become the eye of Bob Razowski of Monsters & Co., while the dual purpose of the S10 + can replace the eyes of Wall-E or binocular Kim Jong-un. Do not hesitate to browse the web to find the wallpaper that suits you the most. Even more simple: you can download Chainfire's specially designed Hidey Hole app.
This one takes care of your place to collect the wallpapers of Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e the most creative. You just have to make your selection in the catalog.
                        The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e have a hole in the upper right corner of their screen. This has not escaped anyone. If this design is not …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        Enjoy a wallpaper that exploits the hole in Galaxy S10's screen
                                                                Discover the large catalog of original images
                                                                Possible to sort wallpapers by device and category
Live the night
Samsung has been using AMOLED screens for years on its smartphones and its tiles have today reached a level of perfection that is difficult to match. You can enjoy it all the way by activating the Night mode available since the deployment of the One UI interface.
The dark theme will indeed preserve your battery since the black pixels on the AMOLED screens are simply off and therefore do not consume energy. In addition to that, the blackened interface also spoils the eyes less, especially when you consult your smartphone in a dark environment, before falling asleep for example.

Night mode is not far behind in the smartphone options. A little tour in the display settings will be enough to find it. Activate it and enjoy your new interface as classy as it is practical.
Bye Bixby
At the time of this article, Bixby still does not speak French. And even when he has finally learned the language of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, maybe you will not want to use the smart assistant designed by Samsung. Thus, the button dedicated to him on the edge of the three Galaxy S10 becomes obsolete.
If Samsung has long been stubborn not to offer customization options, the manufacturer has made some concessions and now offers the ability to reconfigure this button. To do this, open the Advanced tab in the smartphone settings and press Bixby Key.

This option will allow you to make a simple press on this key launch another application that the intelligent assistant. Or, better yet, do not assign any simple support action to avoid launching an app due to a handling error.
Unfortunately, if you reconfigure single support, double support will necessarily be assigned to Bixby.
For more in-depth explanations, we invite you to read our dedicated tutorial to learn how to reconfigure or disable Bixby.
A boost for the photo
The Galaxy S10 have two to three photo sensors on the back. Thanks to this, you can make very beautiful shots. But beautiful photo performances are not necessarily relevant if the user does not know very well frame his shots. Fortunately, the latest smartphones from Samsung have planned the coup.
In the photo application, click the star wheel to display the options. You will immediately find the framing help on the second line. Turn it on so that your smartphone suggests the best shot every time you start pressing the shutter button.
How does this manifest itself? On the preview of your snapshot, lines will appear to indicate you the horizon line and you avoid to debull unfortunately. Also, a colored circle is shown and if you make it coincide with the viewfinder of the camera – the round that allows you to focus – you will get a harmonious image and more pleasing to the eye.
Silence, we listen!
If you're passionate about audio, know that the three Galaxy S10 all offer an excellent experience in headphones, wired as Bluetooth. Do not hesitate to activate the Dolby Atmos option which optimizes your listening comfort even more. Here, we want to draw your attention to the Adapt Sound feature.
Thanks to this one, you have the possibility to define your audio profile according to your age group. It's a small improvement, but it's always good to take. Also know that you can go further in the customization by setting the profile yourself. To do this, simply press "Add custom sound profile".

The phone will then send sounds into your ears and ask you each time whether you perceive them or not. Depending on your answers, the device programs the best audio experience for you.
To find the Adapt Sound option, go to Sounds and Vibration> Advanced Sound Settings> Quality and Sound Effects.
Being good in his office
By reading the heading above, you may think that we will try to teach you how to change your wallpaper. Even if we have a tutorial for this, the idea of ​​this sub-part is rather to show you some nice tips to master on the Galaxy S10 desktop.
The first is extremely simple, but is still worth remembering: the size of the icons. By default, One UI displays fairly large application shortcuts which has disrupted more than one of the FrAndroid editors. Feel free to stay press your home screen and then click on the notched wheel that will appear to open the desktop settings. From there, feel free to modify the application grid to reduce their sizes and fit more on one line, as needed. Take the opportunity to customize the application tray grid named here "Apps screen".
In these same settings, we also recommend that you activate the option "Quick opening shortcut pane". As the name implies, this feature lowers the shortcut panel with a simple thumb-down anywhere on the screen. This is particularly useful on a large smartphone like the Galaxy S10 +.

Finally, know that you can decide to activate the automatic rotation of the home screen if you are interested. Again, just check the corresponding option: "Rotate in landscape mode".

Beautiful gestures
You may not be getting as much as Manu and myself into One UI Gesture Navigation. This is indeed quite different from what is found in other brands since the three classic navigation buttons do not really disappear. They are replaced by three horizontal lines on which you have to slide your thumb up to interact with.
However, it is always worth trying – and you will see if it suits you or not. To do this, take a look at the display options and look for the Navigation Bar tab.
You will have the opportunity to opt for the "Full Screen Movements" which is another way of saying "Navigation by gestures". Note that it is also possible to change the layout of the Back and Multitasking keys.
Circle the battery
Like the inspired wallpapers that take advantage of the hole in the screen, the free Energy Ring app allows you to display the battery level of your Galaxy S10 as a colorful line that goes around of the punch.
The circle thus formed can be personalized. You can indeed change the color, thickness, direction of rotation or the way it is animated.
                        Energy Ring allows to display the battery level on your Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10e in the form of a circle that goes around the …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        An original way to display the battery level
                                                                Use the screen pierced Galaxy S10 / S10e wisely
                                                                Several possible customizations


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