Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus: Baker unveils by mistake prices in France, release date, accessories and introductory offer

The product sheets of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus have been published in part, revealing information on their release in France.

The e-commerce site Boulanger has once again published the product sheets of an expected smartphone too early. After the Pixel 3 and the Huawei P Smart 2019, it is the turn of the three new Galaxy S10 to be unveiled, in part.
The trader seems indeed to have learned from his problems, and has not published a complete product sheet with the photos and features of the devices. That does not prevent the card from confirming certain information on the exit in France.
4 versions, 3 colors and a launch offer
At the moment this article is written, the site lists the Galaxy S10 that will be unveiled tonight by Samsung. We also find a list of the different colors, which will be proposed on Boulanger:
Samsung Galaxy S10e in black, white or green
Samsung Galaxy S10 in black, white or green
Samsung Galaxy S10 + in black, white or green
Samsung Galaxy S10 + in ceramic black
The partial product sheets and the list of Galaxy S10 also confirm that there will be a launch offer. The Galaxy Buds will be offered for the purchase of a Galaxy S10 during the launch period. The details of the offer, like its duration, are not specified.

Price and release date
Baker has replaced the prices of different models by a price of 9999.99 euros, obviously completely illusory, but it is possible to access the real prices of devices.
Thus we have confirmation of the following prices from Boulanger:
Samsung Galaxy S10e: 749 euros
Samsung Galaxy S10: 909 euros, 1159 euros
Samsung Galaxy S10 +: 1009 euros
Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic: 1259 euros, 1609 euros
In case several prices are mentioned, these are probably models with different storage capacities. For the Galaxy S10, according to previous leaks and rumors, the version at 909 euros would be equipped with 128 GB / 6 GB, while the version at 1159 euros would be entitled to 512/8 GB.
For the Galaxy S10 + ceramic, we are talking about a version with 512/8 GB and the other, very expensive, with 1 TB of storage and 12 GB of RAM.

Also according to Boulanger, smartphones would be available for delivery from Saturday, March 9.
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