Samsung Galaxy S10: screen protectors would block the fingerprint reader

A propsor claims to have already tested his products on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Bad news: the fingerprint reader in the screen would not work under a screen protector.

Some are eagerly awaiting the presentation of the various variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10 which will take place towards the end of February 2019. Apart from its design, one of the novelties expected is obviously the fingerprint reader under the screen.
This should be a more secure ultrasound sensor than an optical solution and also has the advantage of working – in theory – with wet fingers. This is good news, but Armadillotek, a manufacturer of protective shells, is throwing a shadow on the board with a simple tweet.

We have tested our cases on real # GalaxyS10 phones. The in-screen fingerprint does not support the protector. So our vanguard will have no built in screen protector
– Armadillotek (@armadillotek) January 16, 2019

In its message, the brand says it has already tested its future accessories on Samsung Galaxy S10. But "the fingerprint reader in the screen does not support screen protection," reads in the short release.
Armadillotek concludes that the next shells of its range Vanguard will not include screen protection to not block this biometric feature.
Let's remain optimistic
This technical limitation is therefore bad news a priori. Let's remain optimistic, however, pointing out that Armadillotek does not specify whether he has tried all possible materials for his screen protection. Moreover, one can legitimately hope that Samsung has already anticipated this problem by working on its side on accessories compatible with its fingerprint reader. Finally, we can also think that within a month, this problem still has time to be resolved.
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