Samsung Galaxy S10: this application finds the perfect wallpaper to hide your hole

A new application published on the Play Store allows you to cleverly hide the hole of your Galaxy S10. Hidey Hole, of his name, will indeed delight the most dubious about the appearance of this little bubble.
Photo of Brownlee Brands to illustrate article
If 2018 was the year of the notch, 2019 seems to be that of small holes nestled on the top corners of the screens. To the delight of users, who seem more inclined to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhosting this kind of fantasy rather than a large notch overflowing the top of their terminal. This new fashion that seduces more and more manufacturers has a weight advantage.
Hidey Hole, or the art of rendering the visible invisible
As some Internet users have clearly shown at the time of launch, wallpapers adapted to the slab make it possible to camouflage a punch that is now invisible. The latter blends into the decor in a completely natural way, without shocking the eye of the user. The first projects in this direction have logically given rise to a dedicated application.
Hidey Hole, for Hidden Hole, in French, responds exactly to this need, as we learn from Phandroid. Thanks to this application, the hole fits in a wallpaper and disappears thanks to a perfect alignment. Each selected image also adapts to the three variations of the Galaxy S10. For the S10 + version, equipped with not one, but two holes, the application enlarges and slightly shifts the snapshot to synchronize everything.
Other devices soon compatible
For more customization, contrast and saturation can be adjusted in the app's settings. In the future, Hidey Hole should support a whole new set of models. We think in particular Honor View 20, Huawei Nova 4 and Galaxy A8s (or A9 Pro), all equipped with a pierced screen. Other mobile devices should also join them. In the meantime, Hidey Hole will meet the owners of a Galaxy S10 on the Play Store.


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