Samsung Galaxy S10: to catch up, it should offer a night mode for photos

A few months from the official presentation of the future Samsung Galaxy S10, new information indicate the arrival of a new night mode. It would compete with the Google Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro in the photo.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9
While Samsung has long been one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers in photography, the Korean manufacturer is now challenged, if not exceeded, by two competitors: Google and Huawei, respectively Pixel 3 and Mate 20 Pro.
In order to catch up, it seems that Samsung is moving towards one of the features that were missing until now: a night mode for the camera. Until then, Samsung did not offer night vision. To do this, it was necessary to necessarily go into automatic mode or activate a long shutter by switching to manual mode.
Multiple photos combined for night mode
For its next line of high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, S10 Plus and S10 Beyond X, Samsung could finally usher in a night mode on its photo application. This is all what XDA Developers reveals. By decompiling the latest version of the Samsung photo application on the Galaxy Note 9, the website has discovered some lines of codes reporting a "bright night" mode. One can read in particular the description of this mode: "suggested mode to take bright photos in very dark conditions". Moreover, it seems that the mode requires to keep his smartphone stable and that the smartphone is actually using a high form of HDR by combining photos taken at different exposures. A good way to ensure, for example, that overexposed areas such as street lights or traffic lights do not burn the rest of the photo.
Although the functionality is detailed within the Samsung photo application, it is not yet available on the latest smartphones manufacturer. According to XDA Developers, "it would be logical for it to make its entrance with the future Samsung Galaxy S10". The smartphone should be presented at the end of next February. In the meantime, do not hesitate to find our complete file on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its variations.
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