Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: beautify your wrist for 249 euros

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    In addition to being beautiful, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a multitude of assets, including its interface and monitoring of sports activity. Discover this watch which is now available for purchase, with a payment in several times possible on Baker.

Presented at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, the new watch connected to the Korean firm did not enjoy the same media coverage. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has remained in the shadow of its big brothers, despite great elegance and advanced features. All for an attractive price since this watch is offered at the recommended price of 249 euros when it was released.
A complete watch at a low price
The first thing that strikes on this Samsung Galaxy Active Watch is its size. With a thickness of 10.5 millimeters and a diameter of 40 millimeters, the case weighs only 25 grams. A featherweight that is forgotten on the wrist as this watch is compact and lightweight. But small does not mean poor functionality in Samsung, since this watch is very complete and full of sensors.
Starting with the heart rate monitor that tracks both heart rate and blood pressure. Two data that allow the watch to detect the rise of stress. When this is the case, the dial of the watch offers breathing and relaxation techniques to regain consciousness.
With its sensors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active can identify the climbs of stress.
This watch also has other sensors and chips: gyroscope, accelerometers, barometers, GPS, Galileo, etc. There is even an NFC chip that allows you to pay (with Samsung Pay) with your watch on terminals that accept contactless payment, almost all. And for those looking for a companion to sports activities, this watch seems ideal. It can count the number of steps or calories burned, but can especially automatically recognize 6 sports activities (walking, running, etc ..) Among the forty available, and compatible. Like swimming, because yes, this watch is waterproof (IP68 certified) and resistant to pressure (5 ATM), it will easily withstand training in the pool.

For the rest of the specs, this Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a 1.1 inch OLED screen, an Exynos 9110 processor and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.2. Its battery of 230 mAh, rechargeable wireless, allows a battery life of about 2 days. This watch is even equipped with its own storage space, 4 GB, to store music. Convenient when you want to listen to his favorite artists without having to take his phone while jogging.
A tailor-made interface
While Google offers an operating system for wearables, WearOS, Samsung has decided to do without it. The Korean brand has chosen to develop its own operating system: Tizen. A particularly convincing OS that has already proven itself on previous Galaxy Watch and is considered more intuitive than that of Google, and especially more responsive. This is the advantage that Samsung has in working on both hardware and software: the company can control everything and optimize.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active offers many different virtual dials.
Connected to your smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is an extremely practical tool. This watch shows messages received, future events of the day, but also allows you to control your playlist or head to the street without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Tizen offers natively very well optimized applications, and is compatible with other applications like Spotify or Strava. Beware, however, the number of applications compatible with Tizen is lower than WearOS.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is available for purchase
This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is now available for purchase at Boulanger. The latter is available in several colors: Polar Silver, Pure Black, Powder Pink and Emerald Green. And although it shares a design relatively similar to the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active remains cheaper than its competitor since it is available at a price of 249 euros.
             The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active at 249 euros
If reading this article, an irresistible urge to buy this watch has appeared in you, but you do not have the budget, Boulanger has a solution for you. Indeed, the site offers its customers a payment in 10 or 20 times without fees, monthly payments respectively 25 euros or 12.5 euros. What better to pass the pill in case of compulsive purchase!


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