Samsung has patented a foldable smartphone similar to Huawei Mate X

A patent filed by Samsung clearly shows that the South Korean giant has seriously imagined a collapsible smartphone design close to the Huawei Mate X. It remains to be seen whether such a product will emerge in the more or less near future.
Huawei Mate X
Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X. This is a fierce battle between two philosophies, two different visions of what a smartphone should be. And even if almost nobody will want to invest 2000 euros or more to get one of these devices, the duel has the merit of attracting attention.
As a reminder, the Galaxy Fold folds inward. Its foldable screen is better protected, but the smartphone is thicker. For its part the Mate X bends outward. The phone is thinner, but its foldable screen unprotected by Gorilla Glass, is constantly exposed to the risk of scratches.
A duel at the top
Huawei had attacked Samsung on the design of its Galaxy Fold and the South Korean leader had responded by saying that an aesthetic similar to that of the Mate X was too much concern for sustainability. Faced with such a postulate, one would tend to imagine two companies firmly camped on their respective positions and not inclined to change their minds.
However, on the Samsung side, some details nuance this observation. On the one hand, the manufacturer would still have some concerns about the strength of its Galaxy Fold. On the other hand, the brand is preparing two new foldable smartphones before the end of 2019 … including one that has a design similar to the Huawei Mate X.

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Samsung's patent
All this brings us to the Samsung patent highlighted by the LetsGoDigital website. The document was filed in September 2018 by the multinational and was published last January by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Said patent clearly shows a foldable smartphone whose large screen bends outwards. So it's exactly the same vision as the Huawei Mate X. If there is no evidence that such a Samsung-stamped product could ever be commercialized, how often with patents, the document proves at least that the leading mobile phone has seriously worked on such a design.
The future will tell if Samsung finally decides to explore this way more concretely. Regarding the resistance, remember that the company Corning is working on a Gorilla Glass screen protector that can adapt to folding tiles.
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