Samsung: new 20 MP front camera sensor dedicated to punched screens

Samsung has just introduced its new ISOCELL Slim 3T2 photo sensor, intended for the front of smartphones and whose particularity is to be particularly small in order to nibble the least possible space of the front screen.

Samsung is not just a smartphone maker on the market: it is also the number one smelter, and one of the most important component creators. It is known for its RAM chips or its storage space.
We often forget that it also creates photo sensors. If they are less popular than its competitors at Sony, they are very much used by the brand itself. Samsung has just presented its latest creation, which has a little extra stuff.
Samsung presents its new photo sensor
The 20 megapixel ISOCELL Slim 3T2 photo sensor is among us! And the latter has the distinction of only 1 / 3.4 inches, making the smallest photo sensor available now.
Despite its small size, it is not less effective. Using ISOCELL technology, it is able to combine its pixels to offer ever brighter images equivalent to a 1.6-megapixel sensor. It can also offer a digital zoom x10 thanks to this.
Suitable for punched screens
Its small size is of course not a coincidence. The ISOCELL Slim 3T2 is destined to take its place at the front on a punched screen design, as it would be the case on the Galaxy S10 this year but also on mid-range phones of the brand.
The smaller the sensor is, the more the punch caused by this design is also by nature. Thus, we can expect that the space taken on the screen is much lower on the high-end Samsung than the first designs of the kind that we have seen for the moment.
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