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Samsung has unveiled two laptops: the first is the high end with an S-Pen pen, the other is much more modest with its fabric top-case.
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro: it is stylus
Let's start with the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro under Windows 10. As the Pro denomination suggests, it's a rather high-end laptop. It is specifically a touch hybrid equipped with an Intel Core i7-8565U chip with 8 GB of DDR3 memory. It incorporates a 13.3-inch diagonal full-definition touch screen, 256GB PCIe NVMe for the SSD and three USB-C connectors including 2 Thunderbolt 3.0. As you can see, the hinge turns it into a touch pad.

It retains the stylus support of the brand, the active S-Pen, the same as the Notebook 9 Pen. This stylus recognizes 4,000 levels of pressure. Finally, Samsung promises 14 hours of autonomy. For the moment, the Korean manufacturer has not communicated any price or availability.

Samsung Notebook Flash: fabric and plastic
There, we are clearly in front of a more modest PC. The Flash Notebook adopts an Intel Celeron N4000 or Intel Pentium Silver N5000 based variants with a non-touch screen of 13.3 inches IPS LED in Full HD definition. One of its peculiarities is to be plastic with a cloth top-case. An idea inspired by the Microsoft Laptop Surface.
Samsung Notebook Flash

Obviously, Samsung has not yet specified its availability and price. We will interview Samsung France during our tour on the CES 2019 stand, but as a reminder, Samsung does not sell its laptops in France for the moment. Only Samsung Mobile devices (such as the Galaxy Book) are marketed.

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