Samsung QLED 2019: what to see all the colors in the OLED

Samsung unveiled its new line of QLED 2019 TVs featuring the Q60R, Q70R, Q85R and Q90HK. A desire to democratize QLED technology from the entry level and prove that this techno can stand up to the OLED without blushing.

But what will he soon be staying at the OLED? This is the question we can ask at the first contacts with the new range QLED of Samsung. Remember that the main strength of OLED technology, whose slabs are produced by LG for its own TVs, but also those of other brands (Sony, Philips, Panasonic, etc.), is that each pixel of the image produced its own light and can therefore be switched on or off completely controlled.
We are talking about an "infinite contrast ratio" which is reflected in the image by vibrant colors and blacks … perfectly black. A special feature that the LCD technology does not allow to do so precisely because of backlighting zones or even the sides of the slab. Except that recently, the LCD technology evolves too, becoming more precise or quite excellent on this range QLED 2019 from Samsung.

QLC a marketing name that would make all the difference
Quantum Light Control, also known as QLC, is another term that could be used in stores – probably by specialists – to explain how the contrasts of QLED are getting closer to OLED televisions.
Hot and according to our first impressions, we want to recognize that the progression is significant. The backlight of TVs seems much better controlled, with light leaks (which materializes by luminous halo effects) almost invisible on the demo loops. For now, we will take the tweezers and we will keep any verdict, but if it is true with standard content, it would be a blow for the OLED.

And to make matters worse for the OLED case, the QLED, derived from the LCD, therefore, offers a much larger brightness with bright peaks of up to 2000 nits on this range 2019. Attention, far from us the idea of to bury the OLED, far from it, if only for the fidelity of the colors and the softness of the image that this technology proposes. But it is clear that the match will be even tighter in 2019.
The promise of a picture always detailed
Always among the beautiful promises made by Samsung, we are eager to check the one about the upscalling. Small sting reminder: with the arrival of its 8K TV QLED Q900R, Samsung had introduced its Quantum Processor. A chip qualified artificial intelligence in charge of improving the quality of the image, including from degraded sources. A process of machine-learning driven scaling with millions of content to teach him how to produce the best possible result from a poor quality video source.

Well, this famous Quantum Processor is now appearing on the entire QLED 2019 range, from the small model, the Q60R – we will come back in detail. Watching DTT or any other program that is not ultra-high definition should therefore be very good on this new family, including the larger models that will be the 82 inches.
Four new references available from mid-March
The QLED 2019 range will consist of four references to remember: the Q60R, Q70R, Q85R and Q90HK. The upscaling is mainly due to an increase in brightness of the slab and the accessories delivered. For the time being, the manufacturer has few technical details and only reports on the prices of the 55-inch models.
So the Q60 is an entry-level QLED model that still uses a techno EDGE LED. The lighting is diffused by "ramps of lights" located at the periphery of slab and which do not offer the same precision as systems said Full LED.

However, according to our first impressions, the result on the image quality is far from ridiculous. This Q60R is displayed at 1299 euros in 55-inch version, but it will be available in versions 43, 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches. The small sizes will be intended to democratize the techno QLED.
The Q70R, sold for 1499 euros in 55-inch version is the first model to integrate a 48-block backlight system (Direct Full Array 4x) for optimized contrast management. Max brightness is announced at 1000 nits. It will be available in versions 49, 55, 65, 75 and 82 inches.
The Q85R is undoubtedly the model that will appeal to moviegoers with a budget, however, because it is sold for 2400 euros in 55-inch version. But for this price, the brightness is more important (1500 nits in peak) and, especially, it comes with the case One Connect of Samsung.
       Samsung QLED Q70 Samsung QLED Q85R
It is a remote base gathering connectivity, but whose main strength is to be connected to the TV by a single cable (and very fine!) That serves both the image and power of the TV. If you are considering a wall installation of your TV, this case One Connect really makes the difference.

The Q85R will also come with Samsung's small metal remote control, more elegant than the black remote controls and which above all has a microphone to drive the Bixby voice assistant. Note also that the microphone of the remote is in permanent standby which allows to interact with his TV wherever the remote, as long as it is within earshot. Be careful, these TVs are also Google Assistant and Alexa compatible, but you have to use an external speaker for that.
Finally, note that you may also see in store or on the Internet a Q80R, but Samsung does not intend to put much forward in France. The latter is distinguished by the fact that it does not have a One Connect box.
The Rolls is the Q90HK and not Q90R. The latter should arrive, but the launch of the range is a HK version that will be marketed in 55 inches to 3000 euros in pack with a sound bar Dolby Atmos and DTS: X brand Harman Kardon. Q90HK … Harman Kardon … do you have it?
       Samsung QLED Q90R
A sound bar that can take place under the slab since the foot was designed to accommodate such a device, Samsung or another brand for that matter. Be careful though, models certified Dolby Atmos or DTS: X can not be completely housed under the screen under penalty of losing the 3D rendering of the sound.

On the technical side, the Q90HK incorporates a QLED panel with 480 backlighting areas that Samsung calls Full LED Platinum – Silver and Gold are respectively dedicated to the Q70R (48 zones) and Q85R (96 zones). The luminous peak is announced at 2000 nits and this multitude of lighting zones delivers, again according to our first impressions, a precision and management of contrasts quite impressive. This Q90HK will be available in 55, 65 and 75 inch versions. The first units should arrive in stores by mid-March.
In conclusion, 2019 promises to be another great year for TV innovation. All manufacturers announce promising models and tend to democratize technos beneficial for our multimedia content. Another example is the integration of an iTunes client to access its multimedia content from these Samsung TVs. A case to follow closely, especially through our next tests.

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