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Samsung took advantage of the CES 2019 to announce a new model in its range of TV QLED 8K. It enjoys an immense diagonal of 98 inches.

In 2018, at IFA 2018, Samsung unveiled its 8K TVs with the Q900R series. These products were available in several sizes: 65, 75, 82 and 85 inches. In addition, they were equipped with a dedicated Quantum processor for upscaling broadcast images in real time so that they always display in 8K (even if the source is of a lower quality).
Huge TV for huge living room
For CES 2019, Samsung wanted to aim even bigger, more impressive and thus unveils a model of 98 inches for its 8K TV, a diagonal of almost 250 centimeters – or 2.5 meters if it speaks to you more. In other words, you will need a particularly large lounge to enjoy. A substantial budget would not be a refusal either. Remember that the Q900R 85-inch TV costs 15 000 euros.
The 98-inch model adds to the other members of the family.
For this declination of 98 inches, we do not yet know the exact price, but we must obviously expect that the price is even higher. As for availability, the manufacturer has not yet indicated when and in which markets precisely this model will be marketed.
A CES 2019 rich in ads
Beyond that, this CES 2019 was also the opportunity for Samsung to formalize the arrival of iTunes and AirPlay 2 on its TVs and to unveil a miniaturization of its micro LED technology in a format of 75 inches with 4K quality.
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