Samsung will facilitate the arrival of curved screens on the mid-range

So far reserved for Samsung's Amoled screens, the curved edges should soon arrive on the mid-range models with LCD display. This is in any case what seems to indicate a patent filed by the manufacturer.
The curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung and curved screens, it's a story that goes back almost five years. At the time, the Korean manufacturer had introduced its Galaxy Note Edge, the first smartphone to have a curved rim, including to indicate certain information on the edge of the device. Since then, the manufacturer has proposed a declination "Edge" of its Galaxy S6, then took this design on all its high-end smartphones.
Soon curved screens on the mid-range?
Nevertheless, it seems that this choice of design is not confined to the high end. According to a patent filed by Samsung at the US Patent Office (USPTO), Samsung would work on an LCD display technology that could be folded to provide curved screens. The patent thus describes a "curved liquid crystal display". So far, this design choice was complicated because of the rigidity needed for LCDs, but Samsung seems to have achieved this through plastic substrates positioned on either side of the liquid crystal layer.
For now, it is only a patent filed by Samsung, and there is no indication that this technology will be used on a smartphone one day. Nevertheless, if it were implemented, it would allow the Korean manufacturer to offer curved screens including LCD smartphones, usually offered on the entry level by other manufacturers, where Samsung offers the Amoled on all his ranges.

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