Samsung would work on a foldable smartphone with the same design as Xiaomi

We know that Samsung is working on other foldable smartphones than the Galaxy Fold. One of them could use the same concept as Xiaomi's.
Concept imagined by LetsGoDigital
Samsung is about to release its first foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Fold. He will not be the only one to enter the dance, his immediate opponent being the Huawei Mate X. They will be followed by another promising concept: that of Xiaomi, which is illustrated more and more.
Huawei criticizes the Samsung method, Samsung criticizes the Huawei method, and all this beautiful people wants to convince us that their solution is the best. Still, they do not stop at a single collapsible smartphone concept, and that of Xiaomi seems to appeal to the Korean manufacturer.
Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone concept
According to a patent identified by LetsGoDigital, it seems that a similar product is at least in-house study. The patent shows indeed a foldable smartphone folding on itself in three parts to return to the size of a smartphone.

Despite the fact that the firm has criticized designs affixing the folding screen outside, this is the case here. Knowing that Samsung would work on two other foldable smartphones, it is possible that this design will be adopted in the future.
A patent filing does not, however, to assert it, simply to say that if Samsung wanted it … he could. Patience remains in place, but the Korean manufacturer will certainly not stop at the Galaxy Fold in the future.

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