Samsung's foldable smartphone has the same effect as "Nokia's first flip phone" – FrAndroid

Some Samsung customers have had the opportunity to see the famous collapsible smartphone manufacturer at CES 2019. The first returns are rather positive and evoke the same revolution as the arrival of flip phones at the time.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas and manufacturers are multiplying their ads in all areas. All or almost, since smartphones are very little present on the show (do not even talk about tablets). Too bad when we expected to see appearing smartphones, from LG, but also from Samsung, which has already shown its concept late last year.
Unfortunately, the smartphones in question have not been disclosed to the general public. While that of LG has not been talked about, that of Samsung, however, seems to have been shown in small groups to some customers of the Korean manufacturer. The Korean media The Investor has managed to obtain some testimonials.
A good grip and perfect for multitasking
According to these early returns, the smartphone does not really feel thick when held in hand, but it allows "a stable grip". Its delicacy, when unfolded, is also raised here. We imagine that Samsung has managed to make the device as thin as its latest tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S4 and 7.1 mm.
Of course, it is the convertible side that has most impressed. Samsung's foldable smartphone is "specialized in multitasking" according to the same sources and will be "really handy for those who own both a smartphone and a tablet." The manufacturer will certainly focus on productivity, as was the case with the Galaxy Note range and its stylus.
"The same impression as Nokia's flip phones"
Beyond these few aesthetic impressions that seem rather obvious and that we will certainly have the opportunity to confirm or deny in the coming months, one of the sources of The Investor indicates that the meeting reminded him particularly " the moment Nokia launched its first flip phones. "
In itself, this is not a great compliment when we see the thick Nokia 282 (released in 1998). Nokia was not the first to offer such a product since Motorola was already offering the StarTAC in 1996. We understand that it is rather the popularization of this form factor which is compared here.
Between the lines, foldable smartphones make their small effect and impress as some advances in the telecom world have made. It remains to be seen whether this generation will be as successful as the "flip phones" that could be seen everywhere in the early 2000s.

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