Scarlet Project: the next two Xboxes will be unveiled in June 2019

According to, the two successors of the Xbox One and Xbox One X are expected to be introduced in this year's E3. Microsoft would have a more accessible console dedicated to dematerialized, and an ultra powerful.

The rumors around Microsoft are gaining momentum lately. We learn through that the links between Microsoft and Nintendo are tightening with the goal of releasing Xbox games on Nintendo Switch.
This is not the only information the team was able to retrieve during its investigation. The next generation of Xbox consoles, nicknamed Project Scarlet, has already been teased at the E3 2018. According to the site, it would be unveiled from the E3 2019.
Two new Xboxes from E3 2019
The Xbox "Lockhart", the first of the lot, would be a machine with performance a little less compared to the expected generational jump. It would focus on the cloud and potentially cloud gaming, so that it would happen a Blu-Ray player.
Conversely, the Xbox "Anaconda" would rather be very powerful addiction, taking the succession of the Xbox One X. Always placed around 500 dollars, it would offer a graphical power of more than 12 teraflops. was able to confirm that the datasheets that appeared at the beginning of the year were close to reality, including SSDs. Here they are :

Xbox Lockhart
Xbox "Anaconda"
Custom 8 Cores – 16 zen threads 2
Custom 8 Cores – 16 zen threads 2
Custom NAVI 4+ Teraflops
Custom NAVI 12+ Teraflops GPU
12GB of GDDR6 memory
16GB of GDDR6 memory
1TB NVMe 1 + GB / s SSD hard drive
1TB NVMe 1 + GB / s SSD hard drive
Halo Infinite scheduled for launch
Still according to new site information, the already announced Halo Infinite of 343 Industries would be part of the launch games. A new title of Ninja Theory, recently acquired to integrate Microsoft Studios, would also be planned for early 2020, and could thus take the step between generations.
Two titles that were not necessarily intended to highlight the new capabilities of consoles, and for good reason: it seems that the vision of Microsoft is to put an end to the "generations" of console. We would be here on a model closer to the PC as such, which would also explain the openness of the Xbox brand in recent years, as well as the relative speed with which its current generation would be replaced .
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