Scrambler: a high-end electric bike halfway with the scooter

Founded by a young Canadian push, the Scrambler electric bike has the distinction of loading several scooter components. For a result as successful as surprising.

The new electric bicycles of the market follow each other, but are not alike. Still happy, you will tell me. However, let us underline the creative spirit of the various manufacturers, whose products with their original design bring a new breath to a catalog of electrified two-wheelers all too often classic. Rayvolt Bike and Urban Drivestyle stand out in their own way, when Cowboy and Specialized fall into "ease".
A renowned designer at the helm of the project
The Canadian startup SURU, founded in 2016 by a group of five entrepreneurs, including designer Michael Uhlarik, winner of several awards during his career, gave free rein to his imagination to create a product of a new kind, to halfway between the bike and the electric scooter: Scrambler. After passing through Yamaha, Piaggio, Aprilia, Derbi and Bombardier, Michael Uhlarik has used his long professional experience.

Scrambler to this feature that competitors do not have: that of shipping components of a scooter, while being approved as an electric bike. Its creators have drawn directly from the technical data sheet of a motorcycle to compose their own homemade model: rear suspensions, 17-inch tires, aluminum frame or seat pleated as saddle.
Decent features
On the performance side, the Scrambler reaches the maximum speed of 32 km / h, has a range of 70 kilometers on the road and 40 kilometers on track thanks to a battery of 48 volts (rechargeable in 3:30), for a total weight of 35 kilos, according to the product sheet. The power of its electric motor differs according to the geographical zones of the globe, and this to respect the different laws put in force in each country.

The 500-watt version is for Canada and the 750-watt version for the United States. Unfortunately for Europe, SURU does not intend to cover the Old Continent market. If this were the case, the model would be satisfied with a 250-watt motor, as required by Directive 2002/24 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 March 2002: the electric motor of a bicycle must not exceed this limit, at the risk of being classified in the category of mopeds, legislated by a special approval.
Available for pre-order, the Scrambler tickles the tidy sum of 3500 Canadian dollars, or 2700 US dollars or 2270 euros.


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