Set your DJI drone for successful cinematic plans?

Set your DJI drone for successful cinematic plans?



Content updated on March 9, 2019

Many Mavic Pro users have complained about the hyper-sensitivity of the new DJI drone's sticks once removed from its box with the factory settings. Not easy to take shots in a cinematic way without too much jerking, you are not necessarily satisfied with the results once the viewing done on your computer! It is true that the sticks of the Mavic are set rather "weird "for some people who are not familiar with the DJI go app. If you're a seasoned DJI user, I probably will not teach you anything here, but I still wanted to do this quick tutorial for those new to this problem.

Everything happens in your DJI Go 4 App Note: The advertised values ​​correspond to my own preferences and are by no means the best settings. Play with the settings listed to find what suits you best! Start by tapping the top three points on the right to access the general settings:

Go ahead to get started with your Gimbal settings and advanced settings.

Here set the Pitch Speed ​​value to about 10 or 15 to get gimbal movements and therefore camera slower and more fluids.Rendez you later in the advanced settings as on this capture:

And play with the sensitivity values ​​of the sticks on throttle (throttle), Yaw (on the axis) and movements while moving forward and backward. You should now have sticks much less responsive to the touch which is perfect for achieving perfectly stable shots in flight.MAJ: DJI now offers a kinematic mode on its Mavic that comes to overcome the sensitivity problems of sticks encountered by some users. I still recommend playing with the settings listed above for maximum control. The same settings are available on other drones in the DJI range.

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